Can Dental Implants Be Covered By Insurance?

A: Absolutely dental implants can be covered by insurance. Many insurances set a limitation as to what they will cover. What we do see is insurance will cover sometimes upwards of $500 to maybe $1000 of dental implants.

Dental implants themselves, along with a single tooth, can run close to 3-5 thousand dollars sometimes. So, any little bit helps for sure. In our larger cases, most people are maxing out with dental insurance usually at about 1-2 thousand dollars.

If you’ve Googled this question, chances are, you’re ready to make the move to get dental implants in Corpus. Congratulations! You’ve made a decision for yourself that’s going to pay off in dividends and impact your life greatly. You can expect a huge boost in self-confidence, and overall quality of life.

Now, let’s get down to brass tacks—how to pay for these dental implants. If you’re like most patients, the decision relies on one huge factor—insurance coverage. More specifically, will your insurance kick in for your procedure a little or not at all? That is the critical question that will decide your next step.

Now, everyone’s insurance policy is different and what is covered for one patient may not be covered for you. It all depends on coverages, limitations, exclusions, deductibles, and other factors for your specific policy.

For that reason, we can’t give you a definitive answer in your situation, but we can cover some general insurance coverage basics. Just remember each policy may vary and so will your coverage or lack thereof. Hopefully, the limited information we can provide will get you started on the research side of things.

Are Dental Implants In Corpus Covered By Medicare?

This is a question we get asked about a dozen times a week, and it’s understandable why. Dental implants are a significant investment. However, not getting dental implants can cost you so much more in related dental issues. So, essentially, it is a catch-22 situation and unfortunately, if you have Medicare—there’s no coverage for dental implants.

Dental implants are incorrectly deemed by the US government as cosmetic surgery or an elective procedure. While dental implants do improve your smile at the cosmetic level, that’s not their primary benefit.

The primary benefit of dental implants in Corpus is restoring the jawbone and preventing it from disintegrating. That benefit alone creates a positive domino effect that affects everything from nutrition to heart health. The cosmetic aspect is only the icing on the cake.

Now, if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, some of these plans have dental riders you can add on out-of-pocket. These dental riders may or may not cover a small portion of the procedure, but every bit helps.

Even standard insurance policies coverage for dental implants is scarce and hard to find. Even then, there are usually stipulations such as when implants are covered. What’s covered, how much, and vary so differently across the board it can make your head spin.

The best way to find out for sure is to ask your insurance provider the right questions.

Questions to Ask About Coverage

If you want to find out more about your insurance coverage any exclusions or stipulations, you need to call them direct. You will want to ask them any questions you may have, and you should include the following questions.

What Dentists Are Included In Your Network?

This should be your lead-off question, especially if you already have a solid relationship with your dentist. If you don’t have a dentist yet, choose one with a wide network so you have a good selection.

Can You Choose Your Dentist?

Naturally, this should be your next question since it’s directly related to the first. Some policies automatically assign you a dentist closest to you, while others let you choose.

What Is The Coverage Structure?

Some policies will cover half of the cost of dental implants in Corpus, others hardly anything at all, like 10%. The coverage may also be procedure-based, as different procedures have different coverage structures.

There’s all kinds of combinations of coverage stipulations depending on the policy you have it can get very confusing. It’s almost as if the insurance companies make it hard to understand on purpose!

Ask About Important Exclusions?

Your insurance may provide coverage for dental implants. However, read the fine print closely there could be less than obvious exclusions listed. For example, they may cover the actual implants but not the anesthesia, or the actual restoration. It’s tricky when reading insurance policies, so just go through it with a fine-tooth comb.

Dental Insurance Plan Types

If you’re without insurance and shopping for a dental insurance provider, you’ll find tons of plans. Make sure you know what you’re getting into.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) and Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) are two of the most often found policy types. However, there is a less-common third choice—Dental HMO plans, which are geared more towards a budget-conscious buyer.

With a DMO plan, you select your dentist and if you need a specialist, you must get a referral. This policy can be a bit more restrictive. On the other hand, with a PPO plan, you need no referral, and you can go to your choice of dentist. However, you get a discount when you go with one of the preferred dentists that are within their network.

Don’t Have Insurance?

If you want dental implants in Corpus but don’t have any insurance, we recommend you seek a good carrier ASAP. Dental insurance not only can cover you for routine exams but also more complicated procedures. It really comes down to what can you afford.

However, what if you can’t afford the dental insurance coverage you need? At Vela, we also offer various financing deals for dental implants. We work together with Wells Fargo and Care Credit to give you attractive financing options that can make your dream smile come true.

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