Are You A Good Candidate For All-on-Four?

Are You A Good Candidate For All-on-Four? In the world of cosmetic and implant dentistry, few innovations have made as profound an impact as the All-on-Four dental implant technique. Designed for individuals seeking a comprehensive solution to extensive tooth loss, this method has revolutionized the approach to dental restoration. Vela Dental – Cosmetic & Implant […]

Do Dental Implants In Corpus Ever Fail?

Dental Implants in corpus

While dental implants can be an excellent solution for missing teeth, it’s important to be informed before going forward with this decision. One key consideration should be how to prevent implant failure—no one wants to invest time and money only for it to fail later. Overall dental implants in Corpus have a very low failure […]

What Happens If You Don’t Replace A Tooth?

What Happens If You Don't Replace A Tooth

A: So, you know, we take wisdom teeth out all the time and nothing happens. But it’s different with one of our front teeth or some of our back teeth. If we remove them for any number of reasons, usually infection, fracture, or what have you, if we don’t replace them we see teeth start […]

Can Dental Implants Be Covered By Insurance?

Can Dental Implants Be Covered By Insurance

A: Absolutely dental implants can be covered by insurance. Many insurances set a limitation as to what they will cover. What we do see is insurance will cover sometimes upwards of $500 to maybe $1000 of dental implants. Dental implants themselves, along with a single tooth, can run close to 3-5 thousand dollars sometimes. So, […]

What Is Bone Grafting?

Bone Grafting

A: Bone grafting is basically the replacing of bone where either a tooth was or where an implant needs to be. So, what we do is we basically trick the body into fixing itself and creating more bone where there wasn’t. Anytime you remove or lose a tooth the bone starts to shrink. A bone […]

What Is An All On Four?

A: All-on-Four® is using dental implants as a foundation for a set of teeth. Many times, people are in a position where most or all of their teeth are out or need to come out. So, the All-on-Four® solution provides what we call a permanent option. Something that stays in, so a set of teeth […]

Your Guide to Choosing A Good Dental Implant Specialist In Corpus Christi

About this time of year, people are looking forward to three things—Christmas, New Years and…those glorious W-2’s at the end of January! Yes, that means your tax refund is right around the corner when that comes in the mail. After every tax season, we see an uptick in people scheduling for dental implant specialist in […]

Signs That Your Dental Implant Has Failed

dental implant in Corpus Christi

Getting dental implants in Corpus Christi is not a procedure you go about casually. It is a very serious dental procedure that requires precision in a part of the body that is quite delicate. Dental implant surgery should always be completed by a prosthodontist, not just a general dentist. Because so many issues can arise […]