When Should I Be Concerned About Jaw Pain?

A: Really, any jaw pain is concerning. We tend to see jaw pain related to either a tooth, the gums or soft tissue in the mouth, or the joints of our jaws.

There’s different reasons and different aspects why jaw pain can occur. So, anytime jaw pain is being experienced we want to know how long it’s been hurting. We also need to know the duration and the severity. It’s also important to get a set of X-rays and sometimes good to get a 3D scan which will also help pinpoint where it’s coming from.

Sometimes you will have what’s called referred pain. Referred pain is when the tooth hurts in the front but the pain is felt in the back. That also requires diagnostics to figure out what’s going on.

If you have ever suffered from jaw pain then you don’t need to be told how severely it can impact your life. Daily activities that are normally routine and taken for granted like chewing, talking, and sleeping—suddenly become very painful.

Many who have never experienced this kind of pain, don’t realize just how much it affects you personally as well as emotionally. When people are suffering from jaw pain like this they are surprised when they are referred to a dentist in Corpus Christi.

Why a dentist? Well, because the jaw and any pain related to it are very much intertwined within the realm of dentistry. Now, you might be wondering what the cause is, and you might be expecting a definitive answer here. Well, that would be far too easy wouldn’t it?

Yes, A Dentist In Corpus May Have An Answer For Your Jaw Pain

The truth is, there are a lot of nerve endings that are attached to the jawbone and they can be triggered by simply chewing. Jaw pain here and there is completely normal due to the workhorse the jawbone is—it will get sore now and then.

However, persistent jaw pain is not normal and could be related to several underlying causes. Again, as we alluded to—finding out the exact cause isn’t always that simple. In fact, it can even happen without even being triggered by the nerves.

Regardless of the cause, if you are experiencing consistent jaw pain, that is a reason for concern. You should visit a dentist in Corpus such as Vela Dental to get evaluated. There might be several dental-related causes for your pain. Let’s jump right into the first on the list— a condition called TMD.

Never heard of that? You’re not alone, but read on—we’re going to give you the rundown on it and the others.

Is It TMD or TMJ?

Wait! We just said TMD now we’re calling it TMJ? Which is it?

We don’t intend to confuse you but temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), might be the source of your jaw pain. However, it’s also called TMJ in many circles. This condition has a debilitating negative impact on the temporomandibular joint, which connects your jawbone to your skull.

It can be at a level so minor that it’s a slight discomfort and many people just live with it. However, in more extreme cases it can bring your daily activities to a halt.

Now, you may not take it seriously if it’s not severe pain in your case. However, that minor jaw pain that keeps happening could be causing other issues. Headaches and neck soreness are just two of the lovely side effects of TMD.

If you think the jaw pain you are experiencing might be from TMD you should contact a dentist in Corpus that you trust. Don’t have a regular dentist? We welcome you at Vela Dental where you’re treated like family.

Either way, you should not ignore persistent jaw pain, even if it’s minor—it could get worse without treating it. The last thing you want is to experience an extreme condition of TMD.


Going hand in hand often with TMD is bruxism—ok, it’s a fancy word for teeth grinding. It often accompanies TMD but is also often caused by pent-up stress. Since it often occurs at night during your sleep, it’d often overlooked.

So, why would a person grind their teeth in their sleep? Well, as mentioned the most common cause is stress. But it can easily be a combination of psychological, genetic, and/or physical catalysts. Some health conditions cause it as well. Diagnoses such as Parkinson’s, side effects of medications, and misaligned teeth.

Once again, it may be possible that you need to visit a dentist in Corpus that will give you a proper diagnosis. They will then be able to accurately pinpoint the cause and treat it.

Cavities That Have Not Been Treated

While this is not the most obvious cause of jaw pain, cavities can wreak havoc when not treated early on. The cavity could erode the tooth away once it deteriorates so much that the root gets infected.

The infection should be taken very seriously as it can spread to the jawbone and more importantly, your bloodstream. At that point, you’re treading into dangerous waters where the infection can wear your body down and become fatal.

However, this scenario is easily preventable with biannual visits to your favorite dentist in Corpus for regular checkups.


Also known as gum disease, this condition can bring about jaw pain as well. In the same realm of cavities, if it’s left untreated the gums will become infected. Again, continue to ignore it and the infection will inevitably spread through your body and you’re playing a risky game of chance at that point.

Don’t risk it—come see Dr. Vela and get your gums and teeth checked out regularly, at least twice a year. Your smile and overall health will appreciate it.

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