Turn Your Tax Refund Into A Better Smile

By now you’ve already received your W-2 and if you’re an early bird type of person, you’ve probably already prepared your taxes and filed. Now, with the IRS catching up from the government shutdown—you play the waiting game for your tax refund.

Well, let’s make use of that time and think about how you can invest that tax refund towards something that will benefit you for a lifetime. Yes, we are talking about investing in your teeth, your smile, your overall dental health.

Sure, a lot of people are planning vacations with that money, or minor remodeling in the house but if you’re reading this, chances are—you have some lingering dental problems you’ve been wanting to resolve, but you just don’t know who to trust with your smile. After all, a smile is a very personal thing and you can’t entrust itscare to just any cosmetic dentist in Corpus Christi, right?

Obviously, we already know that we are one of the premier cosmetic dentist practices in Corpus Christi but do YOU know that? Do you even know what to look for when it comes to repairing or caring for your smile? It’s ok if you don’t, no one does until they have to, and they learn just like this—researching on Google.

The key to getting the best smile possible from any restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedure such as implants or veneers is to see a prosthodontist, notjust a dentist. Here, take a look at the difference and how choosing the right prosthodontist can make all the difference in your smile.

What Is The Difference Between A Prosthodontist And A Dentist?

While a dentist can perform most general procedures such as fillings, debridement, and some minor cosmetic ones such as teeth whitening; the scope of general dentistry typically doesn’t specialize in procedures such as implants, dentures, crowns, etc. That is handled by a prosthodontist which focuses primarily on these and other complex procedures.

Intro To Prosthodontics 101

Prosthodontics is a specialized field within dentistry that focuses mainly on restorative and cosmetic procedures as we’ve already mentioned. Most often its handling situations where tooth loss, jaw structure issues, or bone atrophy is the main culprit of dental problems. Prosthodontists not only help improve the form and function of teeth but also the aesthetics as well through various techniques.

Intro To Dentistry 101

Dentists, onthe other hand, focus on a broad range of general dentistry issues that are mainly minor issues such as cavities, gingivitis, andother maintenance related issues. Dentists and prosthodontists work together to give a broad spectrum of services to dental patients so everything is covered.

What Are Some Procedures Prosthodontists Handle?

Tooth Reconstruction

Losing a tooth either to decay or dental trauma can be a very painful experience but also one that starts a domino effect of health problems if not addressed. A prosthodontist would diagnose the situation and take corrective action to replace the missing tooth either via a crown or in severe cases full mouth reconstruction with dental implants.

Bridges and Implants

Speaking of implants, when you lose multiple teeth it can severely affect you in other areas such as facial structure, nutrition, and sore gums. Sometimes a prosthodontist may suggest a bridge, but more often will suggest implants and here’s why.
Dental implants function just like biological teeth, won’t stain or rot, and helps you maintain facial structure.  They last a lifetime and feel like your own teeth and you won’t talk differently either.

 3 Things To Look For In A Qualified Prosthodontist

If your dentist has suggested you see a prosthodontist there are some things you need to look for to choose a reputable one. Tooth, jaw and gum procedures requires a deep wealth of knowledge of nerve structure, oral surgery and more.

You definitely want to look into any prospects you come across.  Check their history, positive and negative reviews, look at their social media accounts. Be prepared to understand that cheap is never good and good is never cheap.

Look for the following when seeking a prosthodontist in Corpus Christi:

  • Certifications – Any prosthodontist that is legit and qualified has completed the exam given by the American Board of Prosthodontics. Prospects must pass the exam by a specific margin and complete an additional training program to get their certification. It should be prominently displayed in their office and on their website.
  • High Reviews – Once you have a few prospects in mind, you’ll want to check the Doctor’s reviews. If a prosthodontist is honest they will gladly explain what happened if they are given a bad review. While even the best practitioners will get a bad write-up from time to time. You should pay attention to how they handle negative complaints or in some cases their lack of handling. If a prospect you are thinking about doesn’t even reply to bad reviews or letsthem remain unchallenged—walk away. It’s a red flag that something is going on.
  • Transparent Fees – Everyone knows budget can be a huge obstacle or factor in choosing which prosthodontist to visit. That being said, do not let it be your primary decision guidance. Often times cheaper can come with hidden details and addon fees that aren’t well explained beforehand. A truly honest practice will give you upfront, transparent pricing with no other add-ons snuck in. Also, many clinics provide easy financing with special interest or terms if you qualify.

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It’s natural to have anxiety or feel intimidated by searching for a prosthodontist in Corpus Christi. There are many choices here for dental implants, dentures, veneers and other dental needs in Corpus.

We are confident that we are the best equipped to provide a change to your smile for the better.

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