Orthodontic Treatment In Corpus: New Alternatives

Orthodontic treatment in Corpus has seen quite an advancement in treatment options over the last 10 years or so. In the past your only option for getting straight teeth was with intrusive and high-maintenance metal braces. Given that metal braces have been around for decades without much change, patients have been begging for alternatives. Over the last decade of developments in orthodontic treatment in Corpus— patients finally have some alternative options. Plastic dental aligners offer a less intrusive, aesthetically pleasant, low-maintenance solution for many alignment issues. These types of solutions are available from many different manufacturers as it’s a popular option for adult orthodontic treatment in Corpus.

Why Orthodontic Treatment In Corpus Is Evolving

This uptick in orthodontic advancements recently comes down to the increased demand for it. It used to be that braces were only an option for adolescents. However, today a little over 25% of patients receiving orthodontic treatment in Corpus are adults. They’re not typically seeking the old-fashioned metal braces either—they’re here for more modern options. Dental aligners such as ClearCorrect and hybrid solution, Six Month Smiles, are part of that demographic growth.

Healthy Smile, Healthy Attitude, Healthy Life

However, it’s not just the development of dental aligners that are leading the growth—people’s attitudes about smiles have changed. More adults in Corpus and around the country are realizing the value that a healthy smile offers. A healthy smile makes you feel good about yourself—that in turn makes you value your overall health more. Essentially, a healthy smile can develop a healthy attitude which leads to a much happier life—and the numbers prove it.

Over 80 percent of adult dental patients that sought smile correction credit it as one of the most transformational treatments they’ve ever done.  Over 90% were also surprised at how significant straightened teeth boosted their self-confidence. Even of those that didn’t see a dramatic boost—75% still said there was some positive impact from straightened teeth.

Are you seeking straight teeth or to correct a bite alignment issue? There are two popular options we offer here at Vela Dental: ClearCorrect and 6 Month Smiles. Take a closer look at what each one has to offer and see which one is best for you.


Popular Options For Orthodontic Treatment In Corpus

While there are many options for straightening teeth available at most dentists in Corpus— two stand out significantly with outstanding results.


ClearCorrect is a clear plastic aligner dental device that is a viable alternative to traditional metal braces.  Much like other similar products on the market, ClearCorrect is only available from certified dentists and orthodontists. This device straightens a patient’s teeth using a series of custom-fit, clear, removable aligners. Throughout the treatment, teeth gradually are moved into the correct position resulting in a straight, healthy smile.

What You Should Know About ClearCorrect

We take all your dental records—molds, images, radiographs, and the prescription for your aligners to the ClearCorrect lab. There, they create a precise 3-D replica of your teeth. The treatment plan is then mapped out using a series of aligners. Each aligner moves the teeth a little closer into position—in a gradual shift. This gradual shift will steadily move your teeth into the position Dr. Vela wants them, resulting in a new, straight smile.

How This System Works

ClearCorrect treatment is comprised of four phases of aligner treatment. Each phase uses a new set of aligners that you wear for three weeks. This slow, gradual, forced shift allows for total control as well as the flexibility of treatment.

The aligners are worn 24/7 with the only exception being while eating or routine oral care such as brushing or flossing. Since the aligners are very discreet and custom-fit, they will not interfere in your daily life at all.

After each phase, you will notice results as your teeth slowly adjust and make way to their desired position. You will undergo checkups throughout the process to ensure teeth are moving as planned and to receive the next set of aligners.

Treatment time varies from patient to patient but typically expect between one to two years depending on case severity.  ClearConnect is available in three different treatment packages:

  • Unlimited:You receive as many aligners as needed to get the results you need.
  • Limited 12: You only receive 12 sets of ClearCorrect plastic aligners.
  • Limited 6: You receive just 6 sets of the aligners—typically for slight misalignments only

The pricing depends on the option you choose, with unlimited being the highest priced option. To determine which option is best for you, Dr. Vela will have to set up a free consultation with you.

Who Benefits From ClearConnect?

ClearCorrect is available for teens and adults, however, some children and seniors may qualify as well. It all depends on the severity of their dental situation and their overall dental health.

ClearCorrect is successfully treating the following dental abnormalities:

  • Tooth crowding
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Overbite
  • Underbite
  • Rotated or crooked teeth

ClearCorrect Vs. Traditional Orthodontic Treatment In Corpus

There are some cases in which are so severe or complex, that ClearCorrect isn’t a viable option. In cases such as this, traditional braces may need to be implemented. Unlike ClearCorrect, which are not intrusive—metal braces may hinder your daily routine. However, if your condition can be treated with ClearCorrect, it would be a much easier treatment to follow.

Six Month Smiles

If you’re seeking results in a quicker time frame and don’t mind a slightly involved process—Six Month Smiles might be for you. It’s a hybrid of sorts combining plastic devices with metal hardware that is tooth-colored to blend in well. Using clear brackets with the tooth-colored archwires, results can be achieved in six months for most cases.

This kind of treatment can correct a myriad of cosmetic problems involving your teeth. Using low-movement force, and a short treatment time makes it more comfortable and increases safety and oral hygiene. It’s a perfect option for patients that need the cosmetic results metal braces offer, but don’t have complex bite issues.

What The Procedure Entails

Just like ClearCorrect, a consultation will be needed which includes a comprehensive exam to determine eligibility for this treatment. If you are eligible, the clear brackets will be installed. The brackets are bonded to your teeth using dental adhesive on your front teeth and the brackets as well.

After the adhesive has been applied and the brackets are placed, a customized tray is placed on the teeth. This tray will ensure the brackets are seated properly. Once the adhesive has set, we remove the tray and cure the adhesive using UV light.  The final steps are attaching the tooth-colored titanium archwires and adjusting them for proper movement of the teeth.

The Benefits Of Six Month Smiles

There are several key benefits to using these kinds of braces over traditional ones:

  • Results are quick—six months for most patients
  • Since the brackets are clear and the archwires are tooth-colored they blend in well
  • This treatment is affordable for most budgets when compared to traditional braces

Are You Eligible For Six Month Smiles?

This short-term treatment is appropriate for a variety of cosmetic dental issues that are not severe or complex including:

  • Diastemas and spacing issues
  • Open bites and overbites
  • Crowded or overlapped teeth
  • Canted midlines and symmetry issues
  • Inverted smile lines

Don’t Forget Proper Dental Care

Regardless of which one of these innovative treatments you go with—dental care is crucial. If you don’t maintain proper oral hygiene, you could damage your teeth. In fact, increase brushing to at least three times a day or after every meal. We strongly suggest bringing a travel toothbrush with you to work to help maintain a proper care routine.

Fluoride mouthwash use is also highly recommended to help maintain enamel and tooth strength. Like traditional braces, also avoid sticky foods or foods that can get trapped under the apparatuses. Basically, stay away from hard sticky candy, eating ice, and other hard foods.

If You Want Straight Teeth—Come See Us At Vela Dental Center

If you are looking for a viable alternative to cumbersome old-fashioned metal braces, come see us. Simply contact us to get your free consultation and start your journey to a healthier, straighter smile with Six Month Smiles or ClearCorrect.




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