What Have You Done To Safeguard Patients?

A: We’re using different equipment basically for filtering the air. We use HEPA and ionized filtration systems that circulate the air—getting what is called “surgically clean air.” We isolate our patients in our operatories so there’s not a lot of people coming back and forth. We’ve also decreased the number of people that come through the […]

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

A: Cosmetic dentistry really spans a range of options that one can have. Cosmetic dentistry can start with simple whitening of teeth or contouring of teeth to things like covering teeth with veneers or crowns. Many times, cosmetic dentistry is not necessary, it’s simply to improve your smile. What we specialize in is handling cosmetic […]

What Are Braces?

A: Braces are devices that move teeth. Small metal brackets— either white or traditional metal, move teeth into the proper position and corrects bites and smiles. Have you noticed your teeth have begun to shift out of place or perhaps you have issues with bite alignment? Have you wished your teeth were a bit straighter […]

What Is A Bridge?

A: A bridge is a fixed solution to replace, one, two─ sometimes upwards of four or six teeth using your teeth as anchors. What we do is we cover those teeth and they’re connected in the middle, it’s cemented on and can last upwards of 10-20 years. Even though dental bridges in Corpus are a […]

Orthodontic Treatment In Corpus: New Alternatives

Orthodontic treatment in Corpus has seen quite an advancement in treatment options over the last 10 years or so. In the past your only option for getting straight teeth was with intrusive and high-maintenance metal braces. Given that metal braces have been around for decades without much change, patients have been begging for alternatives. Over […]

How Long Do Veneers Last?

A: Well, veneers in Corpus can last 10-20 years because they’re bonded on and have some of the strongest bonds in dentistry. One of the big issues with veneers in general is discoloration and what we call “de-bonding.” A lot of times if that’s an issue, a patient can come in and get either a […]

How Long Do Fillings Last?

A: Fillings can last your entire life if everything goes great. So, these days it’s now more about home care, regular visits, and keeping up more than anything else. If we have a great patient with great home care and regular visits, the fillings we placed ten years ago can still be in there. There’s […]

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

A: Dental Implants can last upwards of 20, 30—40 years. Really, we generally look at the implant’s success rate. So, comparatively, in all of dentistry, dental implants have some of the highest success rates out there. Usually at 95-98% success after about 10 years. What does that mean? That means 98 out of 100 of […]

What Is A Crown?

A: A crown is a full covering of a tooth—basically, it’s what we know as caps. It’s essentially like a cast for a broken arm. What it does is prevent the tooth itself from breaking and actually getting worse.  Crowns are generally made of a zirconia or porcelain product. They’re very strong, very hard, and […]

What Are Veneers?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] A: Veneers are basically just a front covering for a tooth—Veneers in Corpus Christi can be used in many different aspects.  It’s a porcelain covering for a tooth, so it’s a fake piece that’s usually laid on to the front part of a tooth. We love Veneers if there’s no decay and there are […]